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What to Expect From Your Massage Session

When you first arrive, you will need to complete a health history form. This allows me to tailor the massage to meet your needs, and to focus on specific areas, or avoid areas that you do not want massaged.

After discussing your current status (i.e. stiff neck today, tight hamstrings, etc.) I will leave the room in order to wash my hands and prepare myself for the massage.

While I am gone, you will undress to your comfort level, and lie down on the table between the sheets. You will be draped professionally at all times. At no time during the massage will you be indecently exposed. If you are cold or hot, I can adjust the temperature through the use of blankets and a heated mattress pad.


When I work my way back, I will start the massage based on our conversation about your current status. For most sessions, I will begin massaging at your head and work my way down to the feet. Then I will ask you to turn over and will return to the scalp.

Feedback is welcome throughout the massage. Feel free to ask questions or to comment on the massage as we are going (i.e. “The pressure's too deep or too light”; “That spot really hurts”; “I feel that radiating to a different location”; “What are you working now?” etc.)

At the end of the massage, I will again leave the room to wash my hands, while you get off the table and get dressed. When I return, we can discuss the massage or any stretches, exercises, or self-care techniques that might assist you.

This is your massage. Together, we can work to make this an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

As I close in on my quest to complete the 7 Summits (climbing the highest peak on each continent), a large contributor to my preparation for success has been the massages from Karla at “It's All Connected”! Her knowledge of what my body needed to recover from intensive training sessions was key to completing 5 continental high points (including Everest) to date. I can endorse Karla without reservation, she will help regardless of the type of athlete or non-athlete you are. - DI