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hand-massage_its-all-connected Whether you are seeking relief for a medical condition, searching for a way to help deal with the stresses of daily life, recovering from an injury, or simply wanting to relax and take some time for yourself, we have the treatment for you.

foot-stretch_its-all-connected_karla-coughlin It's All Connected Massage Therapy welcomes you to our clinic and wants to help improve your quality of life. Yes, the ankle bone is connected to your headache (by both the skeleton and the fascia) and yes, those teenagers are related to the stress in your shoulders. Working in a chair all day is contributing to your back pain, and that wonderful vacation to the islands is part of the reason your legs and knees are sore (airplanes, and luggage, and walking in sand all contribute.)

backHP-its-all-connected-massage-therapy Schedule a massage and begin your journey to decreased pain, decreased stress, increased immunity, and increased rest. Call Karla at (719) 331-4402.

(IACMT offers non-sexual, therapeutic massage using a variety of modalities that are tailored to fit your specific requirements.)

As an avid hiker, Karla has provided both therapeutic and preventative/strengthening care for my back. She has done wonders in helping to strengthen my back as I prepared for long-distance thru hikes; and, she provided therapeutic care when I over-trained with too heavy a pack. Her care and determination to figure out what my back/skeletal issues were along with the appropriate measures to take in order to improve posture, movement, and strength were always right on. As an athlete, my back has had a long history of nagging me with pain and discomfort; however, Karla's work and care have provided great relief. My recommendation is Five Stars! – LC